Leave The Light On After You’re Gone!

Aloha from Maui
Aloha from Maui

When I was running this morning I was listening to a song by Daughtry. There was a line in there that said I will leave the light on after I’m gone. It made me think about our lives here on this earth and how one day we will be gone. Your light can continue to shine even after you are gone. What you do for Christ here on this earth will stand forever and spill over into eternity. The bible says God’s word stands forever and the fruit that you bear in this life will never die. You will truly see the fruit of your labor in all of it’s fullness when you get to heaven. How can you make sure this happens? Be the light of Christ while you are here. Be a light on a hill for all the world to see. Separate yourself from the world. Stand out and stand up for Jesus. Allow the Holy Spirit to be free to work through you. Don’t hinder him. There are so many lives depending on your faithfulness and obedience. Journal the miracles that God has done for you. Write down your thoughts, prayers, and even trials. When you are gone you will have left a legacy of hope through the words you have written. The people who read them will be touched and changed by your testimony even though you have left them behind physically in body. Your actions and words of love toward them will never be forgotten. Why am I writing about death? Because someday all of us will leave this earth. No one knows the hour or the day. The bible says our life is but a breath compared to eternity. Think about the blink of an eye for a moment. That is how short our life really is. We have just started a new year in 2015. How many souls can you touch through your gift of love and compassion? What are you going to do to make a difference? Are you going to encourage at least one heart every day if not more? It is my goal this year to encourage you. To bring hope to a heart that is hopeless. To exercise my gifts to the fullest. To allow the Holy Spirit to do what He wants through me. To be sensitive when He is leading me. This life isn’t about bringing attention to myself, but bringing attention to Jesus Christ, the one who deserves all of the glory and praise. That is why we are all here. He created each one us uniquely for a special purpose. This place isn’t my home. Heaven is my home, but what I do here in this time will stand forever. Same for you. Think about it. Ask God to show you your gifts and how you can use them to benefit the Kingdom of God. I look forward to the New Year and encouraging all of you.

Shine on and live Pono!
Sandy C

One thought on “Leave The Light On After You’re Gone!

  1. Everyday I try and light the way . For some it is to prayer, for others just to smile or laugh , and others to make them think or even teach them something they did not know . Jesus’ steps ? I don’r know , but my best effort I do ! God Bless you Ans all you do .


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