Find Your Purpose by Michael Hughes-Wave Rider

Aloha Friends,

I wanted to share this message with you on behalf of a friend of mine. I didn’t really know him until yesterday on Valentine’s Day, when he went to my campaign at Hidden Hunger Global and purchased a child saving product. I immediately reached out to him and thanked him for giving to this cause. I didn’t realize the impact it made on him until I read his post on the network tsu. I felt compelled to share it with all of you. Even though what he did was so small financially, the impact he had on a child’s life was truly life changing, but also brought him out of the funk that he was in. I hope you are encouraged by this message. We all have a choice on how we are going to approach each day and what we are going to do with the time we have here on this earth. Why not change someone else’s life for the better? Will you Catch the Wave and Save a Life with us?


Sandy C

Michael Hughes

By Wave Rider- Michael Hughes

When I woke up this morning, I did not see the usual treasure of my mountains. I was emotionally broke and spiritually poverty stricken. Valentine’s Day is usually a melancholy celebration for me as it is my Mother’s birthday. I lost her a little over two years ago. Add to that the somber celebration of #teamroe -RoseAnn Parker on Rocker’s Dive and I found myself in a barren place. I was voided of that prized perspective that generally sustains me.

I had to remind myself of the fact that I live in a precious world filled with beauty, love, friends and limitless possibilities. I had to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to think, experience, love, and laugh. I had to force myself to think of what I am going to do today. I had to create a mindset to seek out the pleasure of the day before me, rather than focus on the negatives and despair.

I had to create a positive mission of purpose and direction. We all have days like this. Sometimes those days stretch into longer periods. It is extremely hard to break out of the furrow of sadness and darkness. Nevertheless, we all must generate a means to break free of that lonesomeness and solitude. For me, it will vary in approach. Sometimes it takes a different spark to ignite the fire.

No one has a Monopoly on the future. It is open and available for anyone who wishes, chooses, to take advantage of it. The way to break free of the chains of bondage and depression are by doing something right now. Decide what kind of future you wish to create and act on it.

What can I do right now to cause a change? How can I be something to those around me? How can I do something in this moment to affect my own life and the lives of others? I can choose to make a positive difference or a negative one. Even so, it must be a choice I make, now.

The way I chose to crack the shell of mediocrity that I was in was rather unique today. I donated to Hidden Hunger Global. I was reminded of how such a small effort on my part could make such a large impact on hungry children. That $20 crack of change sent to a worthy cause made all the difference in the world to my outlook. Suddenly, I had a purpose. My despondent attitude immediately disappeared. I no longer was burdened by the negative, and plunged into the positive. It was my way of escaping a spiral that I did not want to ride on.

For you, it might be a different way to get out of the morning funk. What are you going to do to create a change in this wonderful life? This is a precious day. What will you create? It is a great day to be alive. Fill it with the best you can imagine.

There are many ways to help. Be it a donation, your time, a visit to the charity’s website, sharing the message, anything is a help. Just do something and do it now.


Michael Hughes


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