What Happens When You Say Yes

Aloha Friends!

I have felt compelled to write and share my heart with all of you. My heart has really been stirring these last few days. I feel like these words that I’m writing are going to burst out of me so I cannot hold them back any longer. I guess when God lays something on your heart so heavy you cannot ignore His prompting.

Ever since I started on this journey to save the lives of children all over the planet with this mission, I have learned so much and have met some pretty amazing people that are doing incredible work in the field. I stand in awe of their commitment and tenacity to see things change around them. The way they have said, “Yes” to the needs that they see in our world really inspires me to do the same.

Anja Ringgren Loven
Anja rescued this toddler off the street. She is the Founder at African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation


The picture above went Viral on Facebook this last week! I was so moved by this image when I saw it that I couldn’t shake what it had done to my heart. This woman is doing amazing work in Nigeria and making a difference in the lives of others. She is answering the call and saying yes to someone who really needs a miracle. This little one needed a miracle or he was going to die. After posting this photo and asking for donations on social media, she raised 150,000 dollars in two days! This was enough to get the medical care for this little one and be able to build a facility to help more children like this one. You can read the full story at this link here This act of love inspires massive donations.

So what happens when you say, “Yes”? That is a good question. Based on the image and story above I would say she just saved this child’s life. She just changed his destiny. He could be the next Nelson Mandela. Think about that for a moment.

I’m going to get real with you!  I live a very blessed life. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world Maui, Hawaii. I live on an island in the middle of the pacific far away from the stresses of a huge city and rush hour traffic. I have a wonderful man who loves me and has created a beautiful home I get to live in. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats that I call my children. They bless my life every day. I have a very rich life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There is nothing I need. I have everything and I thank God every day for this life He has given me. I don’t deserve it at all, but for some crazy reason He has showered His grace and mercy on my life.

So why in the world would I be worried about what is happening literally  on the other side of the world when I have it so good here? Why do I feel so compassionate and concerned about what others are going through? Especially those who are just trying to survive every single day? I have to be honest here, for a long time I thought if I just ignored it than it wouldn’t exist, but that is so far from the truth. When I started on this journey a few months ago and started opening my eyes to what is going on in this world, I couldn’t ignore it or act like it wasn’t happening. I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing.  I believe that the human spirit was created by God to care for each other and reach out to those around us.  I believe we were created to do life together and not alone. To carry each other’s burdens. To say the word, “Yes” I will help you and not be afraid to do something.  “Yes”, I will answer that cry for help and  be the one who wipes away those tears. To put a smile on someone’s face and bring that joy back again. To be a miracle someone needs and is desperately searching  for. We have the power to be that miracle, but we have to be willing to say, “Yes, I will do something in this situation. I will help alleviate their pain. I will be a shoulder they need to cry on. I will be the arms when they need to be comforted. I will bring the food if they are hungry. I will supply the clothes if they are naked.” I will do something! What can I do? How can I help?

So what happens when you say yes? You can change the world by one act of kindness at a time. You can impact a community and transform a nation. You can bring hope to the hopeless. You can instill courage into a heart that is fearful. You can bring peace to a heart that is troubled just by saying the word, “Yes” to a need that you see around you;  maybe in your family, community, or country. ” This is what can happen. Miracles can take place just by getting involved and staying informed about the needs in this world. We cannot close our eyes any longer or cover our ears so that we do not hear those cries for help. They aren’t going to go away so why not do something?

I have answered the call to be a voice for those who do not have one. To be a defender of the weak and downcast. To encourage those who need the power of hope brought to their precious lives when everything seems hopeless. It makes me feel good on the inside to do good for someone else. We need more of that in this world. It can be extremely negative out there, but instead of complaining about it,why not see how you can be a solution to the problem? Your “Yes” has  the power to transform the world around you and save lives!

I hope you were inspired by this article. I’m going to be announcing new campaigns that are going to create a greater impact in this world in the next couple of weeks. We are going to be able to save a lot more lives with this Humanitarian Mission. I hope you will join me by catching a wave and saving lives with me! I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you as I continue to spread this message.

Quote by Rachel Zelon

“Human suffering is not something to be feared,” Zelon said, “but something that we need to look at, understand, and figure out together what role, if any, we want to take in helping to address some of that suffering.”

Aloha Ke Akua,

Sandy C




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