Make Your Mark In The World

Aloha Friends!

Thanks so much for following my posts! I’m so excited about the journey I am on right now! Over the next few months I’m going to be sharing my story about my plans to go to Ethiopia in October. I will also be writing about the ministries I will be visiting there on the ground so you can get an inside look of how they are changing lives one person at a time.

So let’s get started! So what does Make Your Mark mean to me? It means to leave an impression of love and care on someone’s life. It means to bring hope to a hopeless heart. It means to instill courage in a heart that is discouraged. It means that when someone has been in my presence for any length of time that they will walk away feeling refreshed and encouraged with the strength to go on. It’s called making a mark on their life in a way that they will be changed forever.

All of us can Make a Mark on a person’s life whether it be positive or negative. I want to encourage you to be a positive influence on those around you. There are people in your life that only you can reach and how you impact their lives can make an eternal difference. You may be the miracle that they are praying for at that time. God has created you with gifts and talents that will leave a Mark on this earth that could last for generations to come. But you have to surrender those gifts and talents to God and ask Him to use them for His glory. It is amazing what He can do with what you give Him. Just let go and let God use you.

Where did the title of this blog come from you ask? It was inspired from some amazing people I met on Social Media. Their names are Trent and Carmen Post and they live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They have a ministry called, “Make Your Mark”. Their vision is a world where every child has the opportunity to grow in a loving family environment. Their Mission Statement, “With the love of Christ, we reach out to vulnerable children and families to meet basic and eternal needs”.

I have been reading Carmen’s blog and have been so moved by what I have read. They are on the frontlines rescuing boys off of the street and giving them life again. These children have been subjected to horrific situations. From starving every day on the street, to getting high on glue, and to being sexually abused by predators. They go into the streets at night and get to know these boys and start to build a relationship with them of trust. They are invited to the Day Center where they can bathe, wash their clothes, eat a healthy lunch, get biblical teaching,  some basic education, games, some counseling, and any minor medical issue they have. But their ministry doesn’t stop there. You can learn more at Make Your Mark .

I’ve been so moved by their ministry and what they are doing that I will spread the message of their ministry any way I possible can. They are Making A Mark in this country that will last for generations to come.

I’m very excited to announce that they are coming to Maui in June! I’m so blessed that I get to meet these warriors for Christ and hear their story. I’m going to be helping them find Sponsors to assist with this vacation/mission of sharing the message about Make Your Mark. They will need a place to stay (there are 5 total people in their family) and would love to come and share their message with churches and groups. We will be having them come and share their story with Maui Women Live Out Loud while they are here also. If you can assist them in any way, please contact me at

You can watch their YouTube message here Video -Streets to Baptism

I hope this post has inspired you to Make Your Mark in the world. All of us can do something, but we have to say yes to the challenges we see around us. We have to lend a helping hand and be Jesus’ hands and feet to the world. Please don’t wait to be a miracle for someone else. You could be the only miracle they are waiting on and God maybe waiting on you to take action.

I will be going to Ethiopia in October to visit this ministry first hand, but I need your help to get there. You can go to my website at World Impact Solutions and save the life of a child that will also help me finance my way to Africa. Or you can go to my store page on this site and purchase a shirt that will go toward my fundraising efforts. And last but not least, if you would like to give a monetary donation, please contact me at my email

I look forward to sharing this journey with you to Africa. This is just one of the ministries I will be visiting. If you are on Maui between June 11th-18th, please watch for the schedule of Trent and Carmen’s visits to the churches in this area. You don’t want to miss it! I promise it will inspire to Make Your Mark In The World.



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