Be a Cup of Water to a Thirsty Heart


Aloha Friends!

I’m so excited about this post today. I love the title and all the different things it could mean. I was driving in my car the other day listening to K-Love Radio station and the radio host share this phrase. I had never heard this before, but jotted it down right away so I wouldn’t forget it. I was so inspired by it. I hope this article inspires you the way it did me.

So let’s talk about the cup of water first. What are some of the things you think about when you see a cup of water? I think about how refreshing it is when I am  thirsty. It gives me energy when I drink it. It wakes me up especially if I’m feeling a little sluggish in the afternoon. I really need it after a good workout. It will replenish all that I may have lost while sweating it out when I run around the block. I love drinking it first thing in the morning when I wake up. My body has gotten dehydrated through the night so it needs to be rehydrated. Water is so good for us. We can go days without food, but we can’t go very long without water. If we did, we would surely die.

Now, let’s talk about the thirsty heart. There are so many ways to refer to a thirsty heart, but I’m going to touch on the spiritual aspect of a heart that is thirsty. It could be heart that is dying inside emotionally and is very depressed.  Maybe that heart is being mentally challenged. Or the heart is in anguish over a tragic situation. Or even worse maybe that heart is suffering the loss of a loved one and it is in mourning. There are people all over the world every single day battling something and their heart is suffering a drought in their life. They are looking for something to refresh them.

How can we be a cup of water to a thirsty heart? Maybe you know some one that is experiencing one or more of these issues that I mentioned above? If you do, you need to go to them and encourage them. Maybe, they just need someone to listen to them.  Would you lend them your ear? Maybe someone just loss a loved one and they need support or just a shoulder to cry on? If you know someone like this, be there for them. I know when my little brother died at the age of 13 our family needed support from everywhere. It was hard to get through as it was, but having our church and community there for us made it more bearable. Maybe you have a friend who is very depressed. Don’t ignore the signs of depression. Your act of kindness toward them literally could save their life. You never know what someone might do if they are ready to give up on life and have no hope.

You have the power to be a cup of water to a thirsty heart.  All you have to do is make a choice to take action to help in some way.

As some of you know, my mission in life is to be an encourager. That is what God has placed me on this earth to do. There isn’t a day that goes by, that I don’t encourage someone. It could be through social media, at my job, in our Maui Women Live Out Loud group, and of course my family. It makes me feel good to be a beacon of hope to people who are in desperate need. I am that cup of water to their thirsty heart.

I also have been called to be a voice for those who do not have one. There are children all over the world that are suffering from malnutrition, no access to clean water, and mosquito born disease. Every 5 seconds a child dies from something totally preventable. And when you have access to the solutions to these killers, you want to tell the whole world! I’m an affiliate marketer for World Impact Solutions and we sell life saving products such as water filtration systems, mosquito nets, and micronutrients. All of us can purchase these products and then WIS gives them to a family or child in need. We are partnered with GAIN (Global Alliance Improved Nutrition), Arise Africa and Matanyas Hope just to name a few. Our products have been approved to go into every country in the world. But we need you to help us. For as little as $20, you can save a life! Please check out my page on this site called World Impact Solutions to learn more. Our mission is to be cup of water to one of these thirsty hearts by giving them life with these products. Will you help us?

I’m planning a trip to Ethiopia in October to visit some ministries over there. I have met some amazing people that are doing great work and impacting lives. I can’t wait to share what I experience in that country. However, I do need your help to get there. There are a few ways you can help me. You can save the lives of children by purchasing a life saving product. You can buy a T-shirt from my store on this website. Or if you feel led to give a monetary gift that is very much appreciated too.

My dream is to go there and be a cup of water to a thirsty heart. To bring hope to the hopeless. To instill courage into a heart that is discouraged. To simply love the least of these.

I hope this article has inspired you. Please share your thoughts or ways you have been a cup of water to someone else. I would love to hear your story.

Aloha Ke Akua,

Sandy C


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