Island Girl Discovers Song For Her Journey To Africa

Aloha Friends!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been helping me get to Africa by purchasing my Fundraising T-Shirts (see my E-Store), sending money, or saving the lives of children through World Impact Solutions. Your support means so much to me. A friend of mine, Jenny Cupp, said something to me the other day that really impacted my journey. She said, “Everyone around you is getting touched by your dream.” This is so true. I love the fact that this journey will not only change my life and the lives of the children I meet in Ethiopia, but it’s going to touch your lives as I share this beautiful story with all of you.

Now let’s talk about the title of this blog! I love watching God place all the pieces of this story together so beautifully. I have always felt like in my personal journey that there is a soundtrack playing in the background of my life. There have been times it’s so quiet around me that I can hear God playing the music along with the scenes of my life. My life is so blessed that I feel like I’m part of a movie that God is producing. Well, I didn’t realize He had the perfect song for my journey to Africa until just a few weeks ago.

This song came through my friend Maui Musician Singer/Song Writer Cheryl Rae. We decided to get together and catch up. I hadn’t seen her in a few years which is crazy, since we live on a small island in the middle of the Pacific. She had been following my story on Social Media about my trip to Africa and wanted to purchase one of my shirts. I was very excited to see her and share my  journey. After we departed, she sent me this song, “Voices From The Heart”. She had written this back in 2002 and thought I might want to listen to it on the way to Africa. When I heard the song for the first time, it was exactly the soundtrack to my story. I told her right away that this was my theme song for my journey. I knew God had brought this to me for such a time as this.

I’m going to let her share in her own words below the story behind the song. I’m so blessed to have her support me on this journey.

Cheryl Rae –The Story Behind the Song “Voices from the Heart’

*This song, the melody & vision of voices I wanted to produce on this CD had been stirring in my heart for sometime.
It initially started from conditions I experienced up close and personal while living overseas years ago. Children hungry and some hurt, running to cars for money, for food, or anything. I was mortified and it stays with me to this day.
Fast forward to songwriting and recording, & holding this in my heart, I had been wanting to put a world song together that spoke out in a creative & important way.

The lyrics I sing are a simple message & awareness about human kindness, “I hear voices calling out, why is it so easy to look the other way, overlaid by the other singers it came out just the way we hoped.
The Singer Assaune Kouyte was something of a special gift that came my way during production. His voice and the voice for the Hawaiian Chant are hauntingly beautiful and speak volumes. Words to remind us to be present, be there with open arms for our children, be aware, Pray for spiritual light, knowledge & grace to know how.

We live in a fast pace world and its easy to get wrapped up in our own worries and problems, no doubt easy for us all… but there are always ways out there to connect our help.
This was mine …and this song was born.
I love all the artists on this CD & hold the experience close at heart. A lot of work went into this song…and it was a production I will never forget.

No child should go hungry, be cold or suffer illness…there is enough hands & heart to connect us in many ways.

Cheryl Rae has graciously offered every download of this song to save the lives of children all over the world. How does this work? Every download will go to purchase a life saving product through World Impact Solutions. WIS will send these products to a child in need. WIS offers 30 day supply of micronutrients, water filters, and mosquito nets. The prices range from $20 for 30 day supply micronutrients, $50 for 4 nets, and $75 for a water filter. Please check out the website to learn more about what they do. Every purchase directly with WIS also helps me to fund my trip to Africa. You can save a life and send me to Africa at the same time. How cool is that ?!

I loved the meaning of the song so much that I also created a T-Shirt around the music. The purchase of the t-shirt is $25 plus $5 for shipping. All the money raised from the t-shirt will help get me to Africa.

Click to order through Paypal

Fundraising T-Shirt for Africa

Listen to clip of Voices from the Heart.

Story behind the design of the shirt

 The large red heart was done by a local Maui Vietnam Veteran named Lyn. He had given my husband a drawing to give to me for Valentine’s day as a gift. I was walking around my house one day and noticed it on the wall. The little hearts inside the big heart represented the voices. The arms reaching out represented the children crying out for anyone to help them. I wanted to have the little heart with the music notes to represent the song by Cheryl Rae. The children are reaching out to the heartbeat of the music. Myself and Fund the Nations came up with the design of the t-shirt.

So there is the story behind the song for my journey. I’m so grateful to God for all the people He has placed in my life for such a time as this. I’ve asked God to hold the pen and write the story upon my heart. He is surely doing that now.

You can download the song here and save a life with World Impact Solutions.

Download Song and Save a Life

Mahalo to Cheryl Rae for your gift of music to the world. I believe that this song will open the hearts and hands of the people to hear the voices and respond to the children that are crying out.

Aloha Ke Akua,

Sandy Conway aka “Fly Girl”

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