Island Girl Sponsors Child in Ethiopia

Aloha Friends!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has invested their time, finances and hearts into my dream. You are not only changing my life by sending me there, but you are also changing the lives of all the beautiful children of Ethiopia. I love sharing this journey with all of you and how God is constantly moving on behalf to pave the way. I feel it is very important to share this information with all of you. My story is not only for me and the children of Ethiopia, but for you too. It is to build your faith by the work God is doing through the signs and wonders He is performing in my life. I believe every miracle that God does for each one of us isn’t to be kept to ourselves, but to be shared with others. As I share this journey of miracles, I pray it builds your faith and strengthens your walk with God as you learn to trust Him more and more every day.

How do I feel right now on this  journey? I feel like I’m in a bubble and God is just carrying me on the wind of His Spirit. It doesn’t feel real sometimes and I do feel like I’m in a dream. It’s God’s dream and He is writing the story upon my heart. Every day is a new adventure as I take little steps of faith toward my goal. It’s amazing to watch God meet my needs for this journey. How He is placing all the pieces of the puzzle together at this stage of my life. He has brought countless divine appointments to me through this process. From Michael Smith, to the beautiful Cheryl Rae, the World Changers Carmen and Trent Post from Make your Mark, and President of Partners with Ethiopia Ingrid Olson. And God is still bringing more people in my life who are tied to this country, Ethiopia. I haven’t even been there yet, but God has placed a burden on my heart for this area of the world. I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you as the time approaches for my trip in October. The story will really start once I get on the ground. I’m really looking forward to that moment.

Now let’s talk about the title of this blog…

I’ve been prayerfully considering sponsoring a child from another country the last few months. I felt that if I could just help one, that would in turn help a small village. Not only will that precious life be blessed, but it would cause a ripple effect in the generations to come after him. If I can give him an opportunity at an education and have his needs met, then he will have a chance to go and change his world.

That’s when Partners with Ethiopia came into my life. Ingrid Olson, who is the president of Partners with Ethiopia, and I met out of the blue on Instagram. I had seen a post where she was going to be doing a Facebook Live feed based on her recent trip to Ethiopia. I was very intrigued and wanted to see it so I contacted her right away. I watched her video as she shared her story about the ministries that she is working with over there. I knew I wanted to talk to her right away to learn more. As Ingrid and I were communicating on Facebook, a friend of mine from Haiku asked me if I was going to Ethiopia with her sister. I asked my friend, “Who is your sister and I want to know all about it?” To my surprise Ingrid Olson is her sister. What a small world! My friend in Haiku, who lives 5 minutes from my home is the sister of the President of Partners with Ethiopia. How cool is that?! I share this with you to let you know that God knows every detail of your life and He has the right people in place to help you accomplish your dreams. He will give you the desires of your heart. My desire was to sponsor a child and He brought the right organization into my life to make it so.

Now let’s talk about this precious child in Ethiopia…

First of all, I want you to know I didn’t make a quick decision. I had been looking at the photos of children and there are many for a couple of months. I was prayerfully waiting on God to show me who it was going to be. I knew He had the perfect one for me.

My Sponsored Child Hanania

Well, here he is! I knew it as soon as I saw his photo that he was the one for me. What is so cool about this is that his name is Hanania! For those of you who don’t know, there is a little town on Maui called “Hana”. His name sounds like a Hawaiian name. I love how God is working in all of this! This truly is the story that God is writing upon my life and now his too. I’m super excited to say that I’m going to get to meet him in person when I go to Ethiopia. I cannot wait to see him and where he lives. I’m looking forward to seeing the school he attends and how my sponsorship is affecting his life. I look forward to sharing my life with him and bringing the Spirit of Aloha to him. I’m currently making a vision book with photos from Hawaii so I can share with him and the rest of the children. If they can capture just a glimpse of Paradise in the middle of their world that will bring me such great joy.

If you would like to sponsor a child for $38 a month, please go to Partners with Ethiopia. Your decision to say yes will change the course of a life for someone. You will give them an opportunity to make an impact in the world around them. Your $38 will provide 6 meals a week, an education, school uniform and supplies, tutoring, summer activities and minor medical. The team there is very good about communicating with you about our child. Please contact myself or Ingrid Olson if you have any questions. We are here to assist you with your decision.

Here is my Radio Interview with Ingrid Olson on Blog Talk Radio.

Click here Interview with Ingrid

If you would like to help me finance my funds to get to Africa, you can purchase one of my Fundraising t-shirts (see my E-Store on this website) I will collect payment through PayPal. Or you can purchase a life saving product and save the life of a child and get me to Africa at the same time (see my World Impact Solutions Page).

If this post has inspired you, please feel free to comment here below and please share this post with your friends by clicking the share buttons. Mahalo for helping me with this dream. It isn’t just for me, but for the children in Ethiopia.

Aloha Ke Akua,

Sandy C aka Fly Girl


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