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World Impact Solutions is providing ways for all of us to make an impact around the world right from where we live!

ONE CHILD DIES EVERY 5-SECONDS from something that is TOTALLY PREVENTABLE. That’s 12 children that die every minute, 720 every hour, 17,280 preventable deaths every single day and 6,307,200 precious lives lost every year.WIS2


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Many of these lives could have been saved. You can help that number decrease year after year by providing access to WIS’s hope giving, life sustaining, Life Saving Products.
World Impact Solutions is a socially conscious, cause driven company on a mission to save children, protect families and provide hope, health and life to communities around the world through manufacturing and distributing micronutrients, water purification system and LLIN treated mosquito nets. These life saving products are then distributed through our network of qualified co-venture partners around the world who are able to get these much needed products into the hands and homes of needy children and families.

Malnutrition is a global epidemic. It is silent killer that affects millions of children, characterized by a chronic lack of vitamins and minerals. The impact of this epidemic is astronomical: stunted growth, anemia and debilitating physical impairment. Iodine deficiencies have lowered the intellectual capacity of nations by 10%-15% and iron deficiency is impairing the mental development of 40%-60% of the developing world’s children. The absence of some critical dietary components can even lead to death.


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The problem is grim, but it’s not the only one. With poverty comes starvation, and health issues transmitted through polluted water and exposure to malaria and other vector-borne diseases. World Impact Solutions’ mission is to save the lives of children, protect families and provide hope, health and life to communities through providing Life Saving Products (LSP) that have the potential of eradicating the globe of these life threatening issues.
Our unique social entrepreneur based business model allows us to partner with individuals and organization to make a real difference in the lives of millions around the world.
For as little as $20, WIS will provide 1-month supply of micronutrient for a child. $50 provides the protection of 4 LLIN mosquito nets to a family and $75 provides fresh water to a community for up to 5-years. Not only do the sales and distribution of these products save the lives of impoverished people around the world, but our Affiliate and Fund Raising Initiative empower families and organizations here at home too.WIS3

Micronutrients 30 Day Supply


Long Lasting Insecticide Nets


Water Filtration System

World Impact Solutions brings an innovative and fresh approach to solving the world’s greatest social issues. Our unique model effectively and efficiently impacts critical social issues. As a result, children are reached faster, and more lives are saved than ever before.
Through our strategic alliances with qualified distribution partners around the world, World Impact Solutions is making a difference in the lives of more children and families than previously thought possible.

If you would like to help us, simply go here to the link to get started!

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